Cruising & Vacationing in Croatia

Croatia’s unique blend of glamour and old-fashioned authenticity make this Europe’s go to destination, where beaches and sunshine vie for attention with cultural treasures, ancient architecture and time-tested folk traditions.

Croatia’s Brand of Tourism

Despite its reputation as Europe’s vacation hotspot, Croatia hasn’t given in to mass tourism. The ‘Mediterranean As It Once Was’ motto of Croatia’s tourist board may be overblown in popular destinations where development has taken a firm hold, but pockets of authentic culture can be found and there’s still plenty to discover off the grid. This country in transition, on the brink between Mitteleuropa and Mediterranean, offers good news for visitors on all budgets: Croatia is as diverse as its landscapes. Some of the more popular Adriatic locales come with hefty price tags in the summer months, while continental Croatia costs a fraction of what you’ll pay on the coast. The chic and trendy outposts may make you forget that a civil war raged through Croatia in the 1990s. The way in which the country has bounced back is a sign of its people’s resilience – people who are remarkable hosts once you cross the tourist/local barrier.

Coastal Croatia

There’s a buzz and undeniable star appeal to Croatia’s coast. You’ll get plenty of glitz and glamour in Dubrovnik and Hvar, where night action and celebrity-spotting, designer cocktail in hand, is de rigueur, and fancy yachts dock in droves. For those wanting peace and quiet, hideaways aplenty wait to be discovered, including remote lighthouse islets, fetching fishing villages, secluded coves and Robinson-Crusoe-style atolls. Families flock to the string of safe beaches, and there are activities galore for all ages.

Best cruise destinations in Croatia

DUBROVNIK: a port city in southwestern Croatia on the Adriatic; one of most popular tourist centers in Croatia. It is truly an incredible city.

HVAR : Hvar island was rated as one of the top 10 most beautiful islands in the World and Hvar Town is the main city on this island. It has become the jet set destination for all the ultra luxury mega yachts.

KORNATI ISLANDS: Famous the world over for its natural wonders these islands are a must see. Pure unspoiled nature at its best. Here you will find the most crystal clear turquoise waters in entire Mediterranean.

KRKA WATERFALLS (Skradin): Skradin is the small town where you can totally relax your mind and enjoy the true aroma of Dalmatia. It is also the starting point for famous nature park Krka waterfalls.

KORČULA: Called the younger brother of Dubrovnik,  Korčula is vibrant, green city. This small but busy town with its imposing fortress is a very popular destination.

VIS: Island Vis has been a military base for a long time and tourism was forbidden until recently. Vis is big enough for a nice walk with plenty places to see and small enough to keep its charm. On the other side of the island, there is a Blue Cave which is also one of the natural wonders which you can see in Croatia.

MLJET national park: if you like superb unspoiled nature, Mljet is the perfect spot for you. You can take a walk through the fresh pine forests and the follow the paths to two lakes. Find the island of St. Anne in one of these lakes where you will find a nice monastery and restaurant.

ZADAR and SPLIT: Split was always the more popular brother of Zadar town however we will say they are both very attractive. Both have lots of archaeological sightseeing possibilities lots of night action and a very nice old town for sightseeing.

ALL THE AMAZING BAYS: They all deserve special attention but with so many of them we cannot name them all. However we can guarantee you that every route you decide to take will be an amazing experience. Turquoise seas, crystal clear waters, fresh air and amazing scenery. This is what you can expect in Croati